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Compiled by Elise Mercur Wagner
Milestones Vol 11 No 2--Spring 1986

Organized as the Fair Oaks Baptist Church in 1905, the members worshiped for many years in the stone chapel on Beaver Road beyond Big Sewickley Creek.

The location proved to be inconvenient for most members, especially at night, and too far from the large growing population of Ambridge.

However with the influx of people into the Ambridge area, the church soon outgrew the Fair Oaks Chapel.

On December 31, 1911, the congregation voted to move to Ambridge, which they did early in 1912, and were incorporated under the laws of the state as "The First Baptist Church of Ambridge, Pennsylvania."

They worshiped for a time in the auditorium of the borough building, and later in a store room on Charles Street, being ministered to for short periods by Dr. Tupper, the Rev. Hancock and the Rev. Cunnings.

The church did not prosper under these unfavorable conditions. The handful of members who remained loyal became very discouraged.

It was the dawning of a new era when the Rev. J. S. Stone was called in September 1916. His loving and earnest labors quickly rallied the congregation and inside of a year they had built with the aid of the association the well-planned Sunday school building and chapel.

After six years of moving about, worshiping in unpleasant and unchurchly rooms, members now had a comfortable and attractive church home, midway between the car line and the best residence street at a point destined to be eventually near the center of population. It was with great regret that Rev. Stone was released in the spring of 1918 to take up war work with the Y.M.C.A. in France.

The Rev. A.A. Blake was called in January, 1919, and by vigorous work and strong preaching added 40 members during his tenure of two and one-half years.

The Rev. Wrn. H. Cutler became pastor March 22, 1922. Members united happily in earnest work under his leadership, and in a year had increased their number by 50 additions; pushed the Sunday school above the long-coveted 100 mark; reorganized the finances on a sound basis.

Officers of the church in 1924 included Mrs. E. Roy, clerk; Frank R. Wilson, treasurer; John Plues, financial secretary; J.C. Timberlakes, Frank R. Wilson, A.D. Weston, John Nichols, V.K. Bucher, deacons.

Church deaconesses included Mrs. J. L. Larimer, Miss Edith Staniland, Mrs. A.D. Weston, Mrs. John Plues, and Mrs. John Nichols.

Trustees were Wm. A. Ball, B. R. McCollim, Elmer Tuttle, Herbert DeHart, and William Rhodes.

The Womens Auxiliary officers included Mrs. A.D. Weston, president; Miss Edith Staniland, secretary; and Mrs. John Plues, treasurer.

Sunday school officers were J.C. Timberlake, superintendent; F.R. Wilson, assistant superintendent; James Weston, secretary; Harry Edwards, assistant secretary; Harry Staniland, treasurer; and Nellie Shattuck, pianist.

First Baptist Church